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A story of love

woman with bath bombs


How we started​

Lemon Balm Lane’s products were originally developed because I was becoming allergic to anything and everything I put on my skin. I also wanted to help family and friends with their various skin problems. These problems ranged from allergies to psoriasis to cold sores. We wanted to create all the items as naturally as possible using vegetable oils and herbs (No animal by-products or testing). Even using many

of the herbs grown in our own organic gardens.

After months of research and different courses taught by professionals, the resulting products were amazing and very successful! So much so, that many people began asking if it was possible to buy them for their family and friends. So now they are available to you.​

Many skin issues are the result of chemicals and detergents used in commercial body care and cosmetic products. We specialize in skin issues

& pain relief and create cruelty-free skincare products as naturally as possible using vegetable oils and herbs, with an eye to healing and nourishing skin.

All creams and lotions have a mild preservative

in them called Germall Plus. There are no natural preservatives that work well for very long. So

we felt that it was best to use a mild synthetic product. One that even I can use as I am

sensitive to everything.

Our products are all natural, except for the above mentioned preservative and any fragrance oils used. When we do use a fragrance oil, you can be sure that your product is still, at least, 99% natural.


We hand make our products in small quantities to guarantee freshness and  to make sure that you

receive the same high quality product every time

you buy our products. 


Please remember! Always test out any new product that you buy on a small patch of skin first. Wait 24 hours before continuing usage. This will let you know of any sensitivities you may suffer from.

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