This Pain Relief Balm is 100% Natural and really works within minutes.

GREAT FOR :  Arthritis, Joints, Back, Neck, Shoulders, Hips, Knees, Feet, Hands, Muscles, 

Tendons, and Ligaments.


This is a push up stick. Place finger at the bottom of the container, push up with finger and HOLD IN PLACE. Rub generously, and DO NOT RUB IN WITH YOUR HANDS!


Joints (knees, knuckles, wrists, elbows, ankles etc.): Rub generously all the way around the joint. This includes the front, back and sides.


For backs: Even though the pain might be happening in a muscle on one side or the other, or even into the buttock and leg, it is originating from the spine. Rub generously on the spine and then out on the muscles to either side of the spine.


For necks: Same thing happens as it does with the back, the pain is coming from the spine. Rub the spine and then out to the muscles on either side.


For hips: Rub generously and you may need to add some warmth (not hot) from a heating pad or microwave bag to get in deep.

Tendons: Your hand/wrist/thumb area may hurt but it could be cause be the tendon in your elbow area. Same for the legs, your calf may hurt but it could be coming from the tendons in your knee area. You must find the source and make sure you rub that area generously also.


Muscles: Rub generously where the msucle has been strained and a little bit around the area to help stop the spasming.

Arthritis:  You will see what to do with the above mentioned areas. Example Joints, read there how to treat the pain. A lot of people also have it in their thumb joint, you will rub all around the area including the top of your hand close to that joint and the meaty part of your hand close to that joint.


Cramps: Apply directly to the area.


Ingredients: Contains: Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Sunflower Oil infused with Yarrow and Arnica, Cocoa Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Natural Menthol, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Camphor Essential Oils 30 g


Extra Strength Pain Relief Balm

  • I am a 71 year old “obsessive compulsive dancer” who has been using “All Natural Pain Relief Butter” for six years. As an avid dancer of all the Ballroom and Latin Dances plus Country Partner Dances the “All Natural Pain Relief Butter” has solved the pain that had plagued my knees, ankles, feet and muscles.

    I am never without an “All Natural Pain Relief Butter Roll-on Applicator” because I have come to realize that it has many more uses:

    I have a back issue that is the result of having carried my wallet in my back pocket for so many years. When my back starts bothering me, the first thing that I reach for is the “All Natural Pain Relief Butter” to rub on my back and within a very short time the problem has been solved.

    When I am stuffed up from a cold or sinus issues, I apply the Pain Relief Butter to my chest and just below my nose. It doesn’t take long before I start to feel much better.

    When I get a headache, I don’t reach for an over-the-counter medication. I roll the Original pain relief butter on my forehead and “viola” the headache is gone very shortly.

    I have even used it on cold-sores and it “stops them dead”.

    In bed at night, I often have restless legs so I get up and roll-on thepain relief butter. It always solves that issue for me!

    Lemon Balm Lane’s “Extra Strength Pain Relief Butter” is “my salvation from all that ails me”  Randy M.


    Lemon Balm Lane has my two very favorite blends ever (calm&settle + uplifting) I use these oils at home and in my massage practice. I also LOVE the pain butter and it helped me so much with a sprained wrist (very important as I need my wrists for my career) always amazing customer service from people who truly care (it's evident) thank you all so much  10/10 from me!" Sarah M.

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