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Essential oils can have a healing effect mentally, physically, and emotionally. It can take a huge amount of a plant to get out even a small portion of essential oil — 4,000 pounds of Bulgarian roses are needed to get just one pound of oil, for example. This is why some essential oils are particularly expensive.


There are some general tips for using essential oils that apply regardless of the type. You want a high-quality therapeutic-grade oil. They are amazing for Diffusers - always use 100% pure! Never apply most oils directly to your skin, as their high concentration can cause a reaction or irritation. Instead, essential oils should be diluted with water or a carrier oil like jojoba, grapeseed or almond. And with a few exceptions, do not ingest essential oils. And always talk to your doctor about health concerns, especially if they represent sudden changes in your well-being.


  • Some common uses for Grapefruit Essential Oil:

    Disinfecting surfaces
    Cleansing the body
    Reducing depression
    Stimulating the immune system
    Decreasing fluid retention
    Curbing sugar cravings
    Helping with weight loss
    Cleanses and purifies
    Beneficial for oily skin issues
    Supports healthy metabolism
    Helps reduce mental and physical fatigue

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